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Welcome to the official local government site for the City of Sonora Texas. The following is a special announcement from the City of Sonora:


On Friday, September 21, 2018, heavy rains flooded the City of Sonora, TX, causing extensive damage to homes, business and roadways.

Relief efforts continue as community organizations, governmental agencies and neighbors work together to provide relief services and perform damage assessments throughout the city.

Residents whose homes have been affected by flooding may proceed with demolition. However, those wanting to proceed with total demolition must obtain a permit from the city. During this time, all permit fees related to flood damage will be waived. To receive your permit, please contact City Hall at 325-387-2558.

If electricity, water or gas needs to be cut off, please contact your local providers.

The City of Sonora thanks everyone for their patience and generosity during this difficult time. We ask that you continue to work together and remain Sonora Strong!

Anyone interested in helping the residents of Sonora are encouraged to donate to the relief fund set up through the San Angelo Area Foundation. You can donate online at, The Bank and Trust, or call 325-947-7071.

Helpful resources:
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Sutton County Underground Water Conservation District

Salvation Army:

American Red Cross:

Texas Baptist Men:


Sonora City Hall

201 E Main

Sonora, TX 76950

Phone: 325-387-2558

Fax: 325-387-5923